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Helping injured people in the northwest for over 28 years.

We Help Injured People

The Law Office of Steven E. Knapp, PLLC provides aggressive legal representation for injured clients throughout NW Washington, including King, Snohomish, Skagit, San Juan and Whatcom Counties. Our office represents clients who have suffered traumatic injuries resulting from auto, bicycle, truck and motorcycle accidents, dog bites, premises liability accidents, wrongful death, traumatic brain injury and other injury accidents.

All of our clients have one thing in common – they are victims of someone's negligence. Making matters even worse, many people, after enduring a traumatic injury, find themselves thrust into a struggle against big business and insurance companies.

We Understand

Being involved in an accident can have a tremendous impact not only on your life, but on your family as well. We are here to help make things easier for you and to relieve the stress and pressure of dealing with a personal injury claim, so you can move on and focus on recovering from your injuries. That is one of the reasons why we are committed to providing our clients with top rate legal services, and aggressively asserting and maintaining their rights and interests during negotiations, litigation, mediation, arbitration or trial. Our office is experienced in successfully handling your claims and getting the results you deserve.

Compassionate and Experienced Representation

While we realize no amount of money can ever truly compensate victims for their injuries, Steve Knapp is dedicated to fighting vigorously for his clients' interest and to recovering the compensation his clients deserve. Steve has over 28 years experience getting justice for injured people in Washington State.

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We Don't Get Paid, Unless You Do!

All of our personal injury cases are taken on a contingency fee basis, which means you do not pay attorney fees until we recover. Steve Knapp will aggressively represent you during negotiations, mediation, and trials in an effort to get you the best recovery possible. Our firm will stand alongside you, aggressively fighting for you.

What Clients Say

"Steve was absolutely amazing. I would recommend Steve to anyone who was looking for a personal injury lawyer. He was so incredibly trustworthy and diligent. Once I found him I did not have to worry about a thing. I knew I could trust his advice and to get everything taken care of."

Lisa, Personal Injury Client

"My son was bitten on the face by a pit bull dog. My husband was serving in the Military in Iraq at the time, and we needed help with our claim. The first attorney I hired was nice, but was not aggressive in representing my son’s interests. Later, Steve Knapp took charge of my son’s case and he was able to double the “final” offer obtained by our previous attorney to settle my son’s claims. Steve Knapp did a great job on my son’s case and I strongly recommend him as an attorney. Steve is very experienced and knowledgeable about the law and was a champion for my son’s claims. But Steve is also a very nice guy, who was easy to talk to and he contacted me regularly to keep me updated with the status of my son’s case. I am happy to give Steve my highest recommendation."

Anonymous, Personal Injury Client

"Steve Knapp did a great job representing me after I was involved in a car accident on I-5. I called him soon after my accident and I am very happy that I did. He explained the process of how I could make a recovery for all of my damages in clear and easy to understand language. Steve checked in with me regularly to see how my medical treatment was going and I felt like he was with me throughout the entire case. After about 1 ½ years I finished my medical treatment and was ready to settle my claims. Steve took care of all the negotiations with the insurance company adjuster and after several letters and telephone calls, he was able to reach a settlement for all of my claims. I was very happy with the settlement offer he was able to obtain from the insurance company. I highly recommend Steve Knapp as your attorney if you are injured. I also strongly suggest that you call him as soon as possible after your accident to relieve your stress and peace of mind."

Anonymous, Personal Injury Client

"I'm writing to highly endorse attorney Steve Knapp for you or your loved ones who may be seriously injured or killed by the acts of another person. Steve spent 3 and a half years helping me through a very stressful and difficult process of settling my serious and permanent injury claims with the State Department of Transportation and its contractor after I crashed my motorcycle in a construction zone one night on I–5. I'm very lucky that Steve got involved in my case early on. Steve immediately began gathering evidence to support my claim that the onramp had been left in a negligent condition which caused me to crash that night. Steve kept telling me that the facts of my case were like "spokes in a wheel" and his goal was to build me a wheel full of spokes, which he did do. The State and its contractor denied any responsibility to me for more than three years after my accident. They claimed the accident was entirely my fault or someone else's fault other than theirs. But Steve was relentless and left no stone unturned in working up my case. He went to the DOT archives and found great records for my case; he investigated the accident scene; and he located and met with several witnesses and got written statements from them in support of my case. I was able to sit in on a few depositions of witnesses, and watching Steve was great. He was very prepared for each one, and he seemed to almost know what each witness would say, even before they said it. He was able to use the witnesses testimony to build lots of spokes in my wheel. Steve used to do defense work and he knows how the defense looks at a case, which I think gives him an edge because he can anticipate where the defense witnesses will attack his clients' cases and he can prepare for it. Steve had me fully prepared for my own deposition by the defense attorney and for my examination by the defense doctor. Steve finally overwhelmed the DOT and its contractor with evidence that their negligence caused my accident, and we were ultimately able to reach a settlement of very high six figures. Steve is a down to earth kind of guy who is very easy to talk to. He kept in regular contact with me so I always knew what was going on with my case. I’m extremely happy with the work Steve did for me on my case and I give him my highest recommendation to anyone who has been seriously hurt or even killed by someone else's negligence."

J, Personal Injury Client

" Steve, You have done a wonderful job for [client] and I. We can’t express our thanks or appreciation enough. This event has truly been life–changing on several levels: [client’s] injuries and subsequent treatments and your representation of her in negotiations with both the driver of the vehicle and the insurance companies. Your name and contact info have permanently been placed in my wallet for referral to family and friends should they need competent and caring representation. Thank you again for all you’ve done on our behalf.”

Personal Injury client’s husband

Meet Steve Knapp

I am a lifelong resident of the Greater Seattle region. My family moved here in the 1880's, even before Washington was a state. My great-great grandfather brought his family west in a covered wagon from Illinois on the Oregon Trail. He became the U.S. Marshall in Salem, Oregon, and was later the first Chief of Police in Spokane. My other great grandparents emigrated here and homesteaded in east King County. They were a hard working family of dairy farmers and loggers.

I am a third generation attorney, raised in a family that values hard work. Throughout my 28+ years of personal injury law experience, my goal for every case is to get the best results possible for my clients. I have handled seven figure wrongful death and serious personal injury claims, premises liability cases and all types of motor vehicle accidents. I have been a solo and/or lead attorney on more than 40 jury and bench (judge) trials and more than 150 arbitrations and mediations. I have served as an Arbitrator and Settlement Guardian Ad Litem in multiple counties.

My background includes criminal prosecutions as a deputy prosecuting attorney, as well as experience prosecuting and defending civil litigation. I worked for many years as an insurance defense attorney. I have developed a particular set of skills learned from many years litigating on both sides of cases, which gives me a unique perspective on how to deal with and stand up to insurance adjusters and attorneys. I seek truth and justice in every case.

Both jobs require considerable amounts of jury trial work, and as a result, I am fully able and prepared to take every case to trial, to deliver the best possible results in cases where opposing counsel is unreasonable or uncooperative in agreeing to an appropriate settlement. My preferred approach to litigation is to try to work cooperatively with opposing counsel. However, I have the experience to take a case from inception all the way through a jury trial and to the Court of Appeals, if necessary. While this trial experience is crucial in reaching favorable verdicts, most cases settle prior to trial. I learned long ago that being cordial and professional is the most effective way to get the best results for my clients. I am approachable and available to my clients and all parties associated with my cases, but I am a tough and driven negotiator during litigation.